Ryan Reynolds Takes Break From Sabbatical To Announce His Own Subscription Service

Ryan Reynolds took a break from his acting sabbatical to announce his very own subscription service. MNTN is going to help the Marvel star facilitate this change. He says that the break is going well with more time with the family. This new service will help companies, like his Maximum Effort, reach more people. The streaming service is just a part of that. It would be fun to note that this isn't the first time Reynolds has spoofed a streaming service. His company Mint Mobile launched a very funny version of a streaming platform last year. All they had on offer was his first film, Foolproof. Unfortunately for fans, the 2003 Canadian heist flick isn't playing on MNTN. But, you can sit and watch some fun ads instead. Check out what he had to say about the partnership down below: 

"Hey, It's Ryan Reynolds. I love TV ads," he began. "Watching them, making them, being in them. But, while TVs have grown a lot since this model, well, the way we make TV ads, that hasn't changed much at all. That's why Maximum Effort and I joined MNTN. MNTN has created a platform that makes distributing and measuring TV ads as simple as paid search or social. And today, we're adding our biggest innovation yet. Introducing Creative-as-a-Subscription. A simple, affordable way to get your media and creative together. See, we think the rise of streaming services, with all those pluses, presents a once in a generation chance to improve the process of making TV ads. I mean c'mon, ads are supposed to be fun."

On the topic of his sabbatical, Reynolds explained how the idea came about on Instagram. A lot of fans were worried when the announcement first came through. (His wife, Blake Lively managed to get a zinger in there as well.)

"That's a wrap for me on Spirited. Not sure I'd have been ready to say yes to a film this challenging even three years ago," Reynolds wrote. "Singing, dancing and playing in the sandbox with Will Ferrell made a whole lotta dreams come true. And this is my second film with the great @octaviaspencer... Perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making. I'm gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists. These days, kindness matters as much as talent. I've been lucky to work with folks who are flush with both." 

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