Secret Invasion: Is Don Cheadle's War Machine a Secret Skrull?

Central to the upcoming Secret Invasion TV series, and the comic book storyline that inspired it, is that Skrulls have infiltrated key positions around the world and are impersonating powerful people. A major part of the original comic story was also that countless superheroes had also been replaced by Skrulls, something that the MCU probably can't replicate to a major degree considering the cast for the series and their larger continuity. There's at least one Avenger present that could very well not be who they think they are, Don Cheadle's James Rhodes aka War Machine. Let's dig into it below.

The first trailer for Secret Invasion was released at D23 and offered a tease of the shapeshifting Skrulls and the huge ensemble cast in the series. Among the characters shown is Cheadle's Rhodes, shown in a suit and having his own security detail surrounding him. Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury asks him if he really knows the people protecting him, planting the seed that perhaps they are Skrulls, but that all seems like clever misdirection, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be a bigger surprise for Cheadle to be the Skrull and for Fury to make a mistake in trusting him?

It's also worth noting that at D23, Cheadle remained on stage after the Secret Invasion portion of the panel concldued to talk a little more about his own solo Disney+ series, Armor Wars. As confirmed by Cheadle, Secret Invasion will lead right into Armor Wars. According to an official announcement about the show, "Rhodey fans will see the character in a whole new light," in the series which will also introduce "all-new suits for the hero, featuring different types of armor." 

Now why would Secret Invasion lead directly into Armor Wars, a series where Rhodey must face the consequences of Tony Stark's tech falling into the wrong hands? It would be easy for Armor Wars to concoct a reason for why this technology has gotten into the wrong hands, but wouldn't it also make since for that to have happened because Rhodey was replaced by a Skrull and Skrull-Rhodey wasn't exactly keeping an eye on Stark tech he didn't even know about? 

It's all just a theory, but it sure does make a lot of sense when you think about it. Rhodey is the easiest Avenger to make a Skrull in Secret Invasion since he's not integral to the feature film plans, and one could easily pinpoint a moment post Endgame that he was swapped with a Skrull.


What do you think? Will any major characters be revealed to be Skrulls in Secret Invasion? Sound off in the comments below and look for Secret Invasion to debut on Disney+ next year.