Thanos Confirmed To Have A Lot Of Scenes In Avengers: Infinity War

An argument can be made for the 'less is more' method of character introductions. For Marvel, that [...]

Thanos Throne
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

An argument can be made for the "less is more" method of character introductions. For Marvel, that theory has worked out pretty well when it comes to the mad titan Thanos.

Thanos has only been shown a few times, typically at the beginning or the end of movies, but he's made the most out of his limited screen time. Actor Josh Brolin will be the recipient of many more opportunities to show fans what he's all about though in future films, starting with Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.

Screen Crush spoke to writer Christopher Markus about the loss of shock value, and the building anticipation to know more about the character.

"That's a good point," says Markus. "We don't get an element of surprise. Everyone knows he's coming, and yet he hasn't had terribly many scenes that have illuminated very much about him." You can expect that to change very quickly as a large part of Infinity War, Part 1 will be devoted to introducing Thanos in a very big way. "You can count on a lot of scenes where we illuminate a lot about him very early."

It makes sense, as he is always in the background, moving pieces into motion behind the overwrought plans of other villains, like Loki and Ronan The Accuser. Now the spotlight is squarely on him, and I can't wait to see him let loose on the Marvel universe.

via Screen Crush

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