The Marvels: Brand New Ms. Marvel Costume Revealed in Captain Marvel 2 Set Photos

We're finally on the cusp of Kamala Khan's live-action debut, with the beloved Marvel character set to debut in her own Disney+ series next year. Even before that series has premiered, we know that Iman Vellani's take on Kamala will then be appearing in The Marvels, the highly-anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel. Just after production on the film reportedly wrapped, a new set photo reveals a pretty surprising change for Kamala. The photo, which you can check out below, shows Vellani sporting an entirely new costume in The Marvels, with new red and gold accents that aren't as apparent in the costume for her solo series.

To an extent, it's almost become the status quo for costumed characters to get new or updated outfits in subsequent MCU appearances, so this change is somewhat unsurprising. Still, the new costume is sure to start speculation amongst fans — both for what it means for Kamala's self-made costume in the Ms. Marvel series, and for the cosmic plot of The Marvels.

"The fact that the show is being made and they're including this character in the MCU is [what's important]," Vellani explained during a recent interview. "I don't really have to go out of my way and talk about being a Muslim and being Pakistani — it all comes out in the show. People seeing a person like me involved in a project as big as this is, I think, inspiring enough."

Ms. Marvel will follow the adventures of Kamala, a Muslim teenager who idolizes Captain Marvel and other Marvel heroes, and who uses her shapeshifting powers to fight crime in Jersey City. The Marvels will be directed by Nia DaCosta, and will also see the return of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, and Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau.

"I feel like [Kamala is] the future," Larson previously told "So when I've been asked about the future of the MCU, or the future of the Captain Marvel series, I want to be with her."

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