Hawkeye's Vincent D'Onofrio Reveals When He Was Approached to Return as Kingpin

At long last, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally introducing some of the most beloved characters from the web of Marvel shows on Netflix. Charlie Cox is reprising his role as Daredevil in the MCU, and the final two episodes of Hawkeye brought Vincent D'Onofrio's terrifying Kingpin into the fold. Fans have been asking for more of these character — played by these specific actors — for quite a while now. Cox, D'Onofrio, and many other actors from the Netflix franchise have been open about the fact that they'd love to reprise their roles, and that they were simply waiting on a call from Marvel Studios. When D'Onofrio's phone finally rang, Kevin Feige was on the other end, personally inviting him into the franchise.

Following the season finale of Hawkeye, which featured quite a bit of Kingpin, ComicBook.com's Adam Barnhardt sat down with D'Onofrio to talk about reprising his beloved role. D'Onofrio explained that he just received the long-awaited phone call earlier this year.

"[I was approached] earlier this year," the actor tells us. "Kevin called me and of course I said, 'Hell yeah.' I was told from my representatives that he [Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige] wanted my phone number and he called me directly."

The actor then went through the first thoughts that went through is mind. "My first thought was 'Wow, maybe he's gonna invite me to the MCU,' and that's what he did immediately. He started talking about Hawkeye."

Kingpin made his MCU "debut" in Hawkeye's penultimate episode, appearing in a photograph alongside Eleanor Bishop. Episode directors Bert & Bertie recently opened up about working with D'Onofrio and setting up Kingpin for a future in the franchise.

"We were lucky enough to work with him and to share time and space with him," said Bert. "He is the most remarkable actor, the way he holds space. That was a treat. That was one of our favorite days on set."

"It means so much. Not just logistically for the world. But just the level of intense sociopathic, evilness, which is the real stake," added Bertie. "There have been stakes building throughout Hawkeye. It starts off very fun and games and the Tracksuits and the introduction of Maya Lopez and there's Yelena and it just keeps getting more intense. It's wonderful being part of this show that starts as one thing and it just escalates until these tones merge, so we can go from laughing your heart out to gripping the edge of your seat."

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