New Netflix Movie 'How It Ends' Panned by Viewers

Even Netflix is not immune to making a dud, and their new film How It Ends seems to be exactly that.

How It Ends is a film about a clashing young attorney (Theo James) and his father-in-law (Forest Whitaker) who are forced to join together and travel across the country after the woman who bonds them together (Kat Graham) is caught in the middle of an unknown disaster. It an apocalyptic road trip film film with action, disaster set pieces and government secrecy.

While it has a premise with promise, displeased viewers took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with how the movie failed to capitalize on that promise.

The critiques of How It Ends, which was directed by David M. Rosenthal, are wide ranging, with some blaming the actors and others just plain saying the movie was not good.

"You win lose some, Netflix," YouTube personality Myke C-Town wrote. "Y'all definitely lost with this one. Holy hell. This was a huge steaming turd of a movie. Y'all shoulda just gave this to SyFy. "

Viewer Justin M. Wright added, "I wasted two hours on this abysmal, poorly acted and festering mound of celluloid. It is so horrible that even Forest Whitaker couldn't save it. The potential it had almost made me cry. I'm dead serious, AVOID THIS FILM."

Many users pointed out that How It Ends seems to have a lackluster ending; it's apparently opened-ended, leaving little resolution to invested viewers.

"The new Netflix movie How it Ends may be one of the WORST MOVIES EVER," wrote one viewer. "And I love a disaster movie. The last half hour made zero sense and I never actually found out how it ended because they never tell you. I want a refund and I didn’t even pay to see it."

Another Twitter user added, "How it Ends, the new Netflix movie, feels like it didn't have an ending at all. It feels like it's missing the final third. I know ambiguous endings the new hype, but come on. Nothing was explained."

If the Twitter consensus was not enough, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score for the movie is a dismal 20 percent, based on 160 ratings. A critics' score has not been calculated yet, but all four critics who reviewed the film so far have given it a "rotten" designation.

The response hasn't been completely negative, however — there's a peep here and there in support of the project.

Many enjoyed the film's plot, while some even praised the film's open-ended conclusion, which left them wanting more.

"Wow! How It Ends on Netflix is one of the best movies I have seen in a while!" one fan wrote. "Love the storyline, and I recommend anyone who has Netflix should go watch it!"


"Am I the only one who thinks there should be a sequel to How It Ends? I want to know what happens after the ending," another fan added.

How It Ends is currently available to stream on Netflix.