Toy Story 4 Tracking For $260 Million Debut At Worldwide Box Office

It appears the box office is going to be in much better shape when Toy Story 4 hits theaters next weekend. Industry insiders are expecting the latest animated feature from Pixar to fetch upwards of $260 million worldwide in its opening weekend, surely a welcome sign to an otherwise ailing summer box office. The $260m is expected to be made up of at least $160m domestically and another $100m in various international markets.

According to Deadline, some box office experts suggest the film could end up netting $200m domestically, bumping the total to at least $300m worldwide its first weekend in theaters. Either way, it's all but guaranteed to take home to biggest-ever opening in the history of the massive franchise. Right now, Toy Story 3 currently holds that title with an opening of $110.31m (~$145.28m WW).

Should Toy Story 4 top out at $260m during its debut, it'd still earn more in the weekend than the openings of the three previous films combined. The highly-anticipated Incredibles 2 is currently atop the Pixar charts for highest worldwide opening at $235.88m; it ended up finishing its box office run with a record-setting $1.24 billion.

The film appears to be doing as well critically as it is bound to do commercially. As of this writing, the film is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 98 percent rating, with the site's critics consensus saying, "Heartwarming, funny, and beautifully animated, Toy Story 4 manages the unlikely feat of extending -- and perhaps concluding -- a practically perfect animated saga."'s Cameron Bonomolo liked the feature just as much as the rest of the critics, calling it a fitting conclusion.

"Toy Story 3 was the end of the toys’ story with Andy, but not the end of their story — and certainly not the end of Woody’s story," Bonomolo said. "Even Toy Story 4, which reads as the last rodeo for the old cowboy, is more the end of one chapter than the end of a book. The film proves there was enough life left in these old toys for at least one more go, and repeatedly justifies its albeit imperfect existence across its 100-minute runtime. Even after the perfect ending of Toy Story 3, its sequel not only feels earned, but proves to be the necessary next step after that teary-eyed 'so long, partner.'"


How much do you think the fourth Toy Story film will make in all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Toy Story 4 is set for release on June 20th.

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