Avengers: Endgame Art Reveals Original Idea for the Epic Final Battle

10/22/2020 01:13 am EDT

Some new Avengers: Endgame art reveals the original idea for the epic final battle. Ryan Lang is a production designer that worked on the film. He posted some early work on Instagram and the results are super interesting. That splash page effect that Endgame brought to life still jumps off the screen here, but the individual matchups are pretty different. Thanos and Tony facing each other in the middle of the image deserves some special mention when breaking down everything. Bucky getting it done with his fists is also very interesting. For fans that have never seen the old Outrider design, that change might take a bit to get used to. There's just so much that Lang and the team managed to get in there.

"Infinity War/Endgame battle process. For a bunch of characters, it was easier to use mannequins in @zbrushatpixologic ti rough out a compositions, use that as reference for the sketch, then paint it," Lang explained. "No 3D in the final. Normally I like to sketch out my roughs, but this was a quicker way to iterate and get an approval for the composition #process"

At one point in production, the plan was to have all the heroes have a reunion moment together before all the chaos broke out. On the DVD's special features, fans can see some of that footage. Joe Russo actually talked about why they had to cut bait with that approach.

"A lot of the reshoots and energy on Marvel films goes into either addressing plot issues that people don't understand that we discover in an exhaustive test screening that we do and the other place is in these giant third act battles," Russo explained. "You're always gonna find some point that in that battle that you can do better with or it can be vacuum sealed and shrunk...We had this idea that we would pause the battle for all of the characters to get together to talk with one another but once we started executing it in the edit room, we found that was not an interesting way to go. It seemed contrived."

What would you have liked to see in that final battle? Let us know down in the comments!

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