Bad Boys for Life Directors Reveal Tragic Alternate Ending

Bad Boys For Life’s directors have revealed a tragic alternate ending for the film. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah spoke to Digital Spy about their movie and the ending that would have shocked audiences if it had made the final cut. *Spoilers ahead for Bad Boys For Life* So, in the theatrical version of the film, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) is in a standoff with Isabel Aretas (Kate del Castillo) and Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio). If that weren’t tense enough, Armando finds out that Mike is his father and not too happy about it. Isabel shoots Armando accidentally while trying to take out our hero. But, she gets killed before she can finish the job. Armando ends up going to prison after his injuries prove not to be fatal. But, the directors weren’t always going to go that route.

"We had all these different endings, and then with the editing, we used test audiences. You always try to have the feedback of the audience to see which ending was the best. And we got elements of every ending and put them all together," Fallah told the site.

"We didn't know how to wrap it up necessarily. So that's why we had to try multiple versions. We did a lot of different versions,” El Arbi chimed in. “When she sees that all is lost, she wants to jump into the fire willingly, and she wants to take Mike Lowrey with her. Because, you know, she thinks the son is dead, so let's all die together. That was a version that was pretty epic and pretty Greek tragedy. It was too much, maybe [but] we'll never know."

So, that would have been really different, but some would say that they made a pretty good choice. Bad Boys For Life was a hit with audiences and another Bad Boys sequel is already in development. Martin Lawrence and Smith are happy to have another day in the sun. Fans couldn’t be happy to see the movie kind of stick to its pedigree and deliver consistent throwback action vibes. Funny enough, it looks like Armando will be around for the next Bad Boys if the end of the latest movie is any indication. Things are going to be ratcheted up even more for the sequel and a little father/son action sounds like a good time for everyone involved.

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