Beyonce's Black Is King Launches On Disney+ With Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score

Beyonce's Black King has debuted on Disney+ and received a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and audiences. At the time of writing this (early into Black Is King's debut), the "visual album" has an aggregate score of 100% with critics (after 6 reviews), and 99% with audiences (after 946 user ratings). As you will see in some of the critical reactions below, the general consensus seems to be that Black Is King's standout achievement seems to the stunning visual composition that offers, using a variety of talented creators to highlight black culture all around the world, in cinematic splendor.

You can check out what critics are saying about Black Is King, below:

The Wrap claims that "This visual feast based on Beyoncé's 2019 album "The Lion King: The Gift" finds its moments of glory in the strength of its images, which are more arresting than the story or the subtext."

US Today highlights the great viewing experience that Black Is King offers: "The all-encompassing experience takes viewers on the worldwide journey of a young king's quest through self-identity — from Beyoncé's backyard (literally) to Johannesburg and the Grand Canyon — by way of stunning visuals full of song, dance, fashion and breathtaking scenery."

Sydney Morning Herald adds: "It’s a sumptuous visual feast, from detailed costuming to choreography. Filmed around the world, including in New York, Los Angeles, South Africa and Belgium, the film takes the viewer on a dazzling, hyper-real ride through natural landscapes and space-age futures, while incorporating elements of black history and tradition."

London Evening Standard says this is a timely celebration of black culture in the midst of civil unrest over race: "In one of many poetic linking speeches, Beyoncé says: 'We have always been wonderful… We were beauty before they knew what beauty was.' With this vivid celebration, she goes way beyond saying Black Lives Matter to showing the dazzling inspiration of her ancestry."

Beyonce Black Is King Reviews Perfect Score Rotten Tomatoes

This looks like another hit for Beyonce, who has taken increasing command of the visual accompaniments to her musical projects including increasingly pronounced celebrations of Black culture, alongside her husband Sean Carter/Jay-Z and their family. Black Is King is, in many ways, the reconciliation of the more socially conscious Beyonce with her commercially successful image.

You can check out the synopsis for Beyonce's Black Is King below:


"A young African king is cast out from his family into an unforgiving world. He subsequently undergoes a journey "through betrayal, love and self-identity" to reclaim his throne, utilizing the guidance of his ancestors and childhood love. The story is told through the voices of present-day Black people."

Black Is King is now streaming on Disney+.