DC Studios' James Gunn Teases When the DC Universe's Batman Will Be Cast

James Gunn and Peter Safran's new DC Universe took a major step on Tuesday, with confirmation that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan have been cast as Clark Kent / Superman and Lois Lane in Superman: Legacy. The movie, which will be written and directed by DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn, will be the first film installment in the DCU, with multiple other projects already announced. One role that fans are also eager to see cast is Bruce Wayne / Batman, who will be starring in a new film titled The Brave and the Bold.

As Gunn revealed in an Instagram comment on Tuesday, fans should not be expecting the new Caped Crusader to be cast anytime soon. According to Gunn, DC Studios is "miles and miles away" from casting its new Batman. Given the fact that a screenwriter is not currently attached to The Brave and the Bold amid the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, that delay in casting might not be too surprising. 

(Photo: James Gunn / Instagram)

Who is Directing DC's Batman Reboot?

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that The Flash director Andy Muschietti will be helming The Brave and the Bold. A release date for the film has yet to be set.

"We saw The Flash; even before taking the reins at DC Studios, and knew we were in the hands of not only a visionary director but a massive DC fan," Gunn and Safran said in a statement when the news was announced. "It's a magnificent film – funny, emotional, thrilling – and Andy's affinity and passion for these characters and this world just resonates through every frame. So, when it came time to find a director for The Brave and the Bold, there was really only one choice. Luckily, Andy said yes. Barbara signed on to produce with us and we were on our way. They're an extraordinary team, and we couldn't have better or more inspiring partners as we embark on this thrilling new adventure in the DCU."

What Would The Brave and the Bold Be About?

The Brave and the Bold is confirmed to star Bruce Wayne / Batman and Damian Wayne / Robin, with Gunn and Safran teasing that the film might feature other characters from the larger "Bat-family." 

"This is the introduction of the DCU's Batman..." Gunn explained to reporters in January of this year. "This is the story of Damian Wayne, who is Batman's actual son who we didn't know existed for the first eight to 10 years of his life. He was raised as a little murderer and assassin. He's a little son of a bitch. He's my favorite Robin. It's based on the Grant Morrison comic book's run, which is one of my favorite Batman runs, and we are putting that all together right now."

"And this is obviously a feature film, and it's going to feature other members of the extended 'Bat-family', just because we feel like they've been left out of the Batman stories in the theater for far too long," Safran added.

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