Disney's Aladdin Ending Explained

Guy Ritchie's live action take on Aladdin is now playing in theaters, marking the second of three updated adaptations of Disney classics arriving on the big screen this year. Many have expected that, since the original animated Aladdin is still so beloved by fans, the new iteration would stick pretty close to the already-existing story. For the most part, this Aladdin does just that, but there is one pretty massive change at the very end of the film that seriously veers from the 1992 version.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Disney's Aladdin! Continue reading at your own risk...

When Genie first explains how wishes work to Aladdin at the beginning of the movie, he makes a comment that may seem off at the time. He says that his wish, if given a wish, would be to be freed. Going further he adds, "To be human." Genie insinuates that his ideal vision of a free life is existing with limits, just like human beings. That comes back around at the end.

Just like with the original movie, Aladdin uses his third and final wish to free Genie from his obligations, as he promised he would. However, when Genie was set free, he didn't become a magical figure without shackles. Instead, he became a real human.

This is significant in two ways. For one, it changes the narrative for a potential Aladdin sequel, considering Genie can't keep pulling off his Genie magic going forward. More importantly though, it brings Genie's story in this movie full circle, while also giving him a family.

Throughout the movie, Genie developed a flirtatious relationship with Jasmine's best friend and handmaiden, Dalia. It was clear they had feelings for one another, and that came around when Genie was turned to a human and he exclaimed that his goal was to marry her, have a couple of kids, and buy a boat to see the world. Then it was revealed that this was the family shown at the very beginning of the movie. After their time with Aladdin and Jasmine, Genie and Dalia did just as he suggested, and they went on to live happily ever after on their boat together.

In the original movie, Genie chose to travel around the world after leaving Aladdin, but he remained a Genie the entire time. Because of that, he was never able to get a real love story in that version. Changing him into a human changed that narrative.


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Disney's Aladdin is now playing in theaters.