New The Lion King TV Spot Released

It may not be "live-action," but Disney's upcoming reimagining of The Lion King still looks absolutely stunning. Each and every animal featured in the trailers looks completely real, and the music brings back every ounce of nostalgia we have for the original animated film. With just 50 days to go until Jon Favreau's new adaptation finally hits theaters, Disney has released a brand new TV spot for The Lion King, and it looks just as beautiful as ever.

There isn't a ton of new footage in the new spot, save for a couple of shots at the very end. Still, the 30-second promo does more than enough to get us even more excited for The Lion King, which is exactly what Disney intended it to do. You can watch the full spot in the video above!

Most of the scenes in the TV spot, as well as in the previous trailers, are spot-on recreations of the biggest scenes from the animated film. This spot includes things like Simba roaring on Pride Rock, sitting next to Mufasa and looking over the kingdom, and singing "Hakuna Matata" with Timon and Pumbaa.

This new version of The Lion King looks as real as it possibly could, but it was all created digitally from the ground up. Director Jon Favreau's goal from the beginning was to make this film have the feel of a live-action adventure, even though it was made with computers.

"We're really giving them the time to do it right," Favreau said of his effects team. "That was relatively early footage, rushed for that event because we wanted to get it out. But I'm here working with them. It's a lot of the same people I worked with on Jungle Book. There was probably a big learning curve for me on that one. Now I'm up to speed and I'm used to working with all of them, and I know what the tech could do and there's all new tech. A lot of the consumer facing VR stuff that's out there that wasn't out there back around the time of Jungle Book."


"We were using mostly motion capture tech, and now using game engine tech and consumer facing VR stuff, we're able to create virtual production," he continued. "It's a very cool, efficient way of working and helps contribute to a live action feel because we're able to actually go into VR and set cameras and operate real cameras that drive virtual cameras. It has a look that, hopefully will feel photo real. Even though everything's animated in it, it still should have a look of a live action film. You'll see."

Disney's The Lion King hits theaters on July 19th.