Dredd Producer on Sequel: There's No Script Yet


In spite of reports that surfaced in the run-up to Dredd 3D's theatrical release, indicating that the film was the first part of a planned trilogy from writer Alex Garland, one of the film's producers says that there isn't a completed script for any prospective second film. It was part of an interview with Dweebcast, in which producer Adi Shankar tried to manage expectations regarding Dredd 2. While he and actor Karl Urban are among those actively working to get the film made, he explained that the way it was distributed -- with different distributors in different countries, all of whom have to sign off on any potential sequel -- remains an obstacle. "Yeah, there's conversations going on," Shankar said. "But I wouldn't automatically go, 'Oh, there's conversations going on -- when's the release date?" You can see the full video below.