Encino Man Stars Down for Sequel on Disney+

If this year could throw one more curveball, it'd be that a second Encino Man is in production. Yet here we are, and film star Pauly Shore is launching a campaign to make it happen. If he gets his way, a second Encino Man will find itself on Disney+, nearly 30 years after the cult classic was initially released. Following up on a tweet he made last week, Shore took to his Instagram account over the weekend to share a clip of the movie featuring he and Sean Astin. In the same post, Shore says the movie's vibes are something we need right now.

"These are the kind of vibes we need right now!!! Encino Man 2," Shore shared on Instagram. "Come on @disneyplus, no one left behind! Let's get the positivity flowin budzzz! Let's spread that optimism brozzzz! Let's Wiezz the f!$cking juice bro."

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For what it's worth, Astin said last year he'd also be willing to return for a potential follow-up.

Shore told ComicBook.com's Russ Burlingame something similar earlier this fall. On a press tour for Guest House at the time, the comedian revealed he had an idea for most of the features he's ever appeared in, including Bio-Dome 2.


"I think all of them," Shore said. "Bio-Dome would be great with me and Stephen [Baldwin] -- our kids get stuck in the bio-dome or something, you know what I mean? Or you can do Encino Man 2, all that stuff. I think these movies, Bill and Ted and my movie, are coming out at such a good time because of what's going on in the world. Everything is doom and gloom, and I think this will be a refreshing feeling for people, to watch something that definitely takes your mind off of what's going on in the world. A lot of it is timing. I don't know if the movie would do as well, if the world was just kind of moving at a hundred thousand miles per hour. Everything's kind of slowed down now."

Encino Man can be rented on most digital video providers.