Flora & Ulysses: Alyson Hannigan On Joining Super Hero Movies

Alyson Hannigan is no stranger to super hero films. Not only is she appearing in one herself with [...]

Alyson Hannigan is no stranger to super hero films. Not only is she appearing in one herself with Disney+'s Flora & Ulysses but her husband Alexis Denisof has played a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well. Although she seems to have a great time on the Lena Khan-directed film which brings a super squirrel to life with his most heroic feat being inspiring the humans around him, the intense stories of working on a Marvel title which Hannigan heard and saw from her husband sound like they might translate to Flora & Ulysses fulfilling her super hero movie desire quota.

"I think that it would be amazing. I do," Hannigan tells ComicBook.com about joining a Marvel or DC super hero title. "My husband was in the first Avengers. I mean, not that you would ever know cause he was in just pounds and pounds of prosthetic makeup." Denisof portrayed the Messenger, the alien middle man between Loki in Thanos who later appeared in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy. "But I do remember when he was auditioning for it. It was so secretive, and he was so frustrated with the secrecy because, you know, it's like, 'Well we know Joss?' You know. But they wouldn't... The sides didn't even have the character name. And so it was like, Man Number Two or something." The two worked together to give the character a bit more depth despite not being given its name. Their efforts must have worked, seeing as Denisof got the part.

"They have to like take every precaution known to man to not leak it," she explained. "He would talk about having to like be draped in blankets, and then like led to the set in a golf cart with sheets, just in case somebody was trying to take a picture of his character. So, I certainly wouldn't want to do any of that stuff. The process."

As for Hannigan herself, she does have her own favorite memories of super heroes in television and film. "I'm trying to think of shows that would have done that for me as a kid," Hannigan said. "I absolutely just adored Superman with Christopher Reeve. The original. Like I would have loved for him to come and like save me from something."

Hannigan's work in Flora & Ulysses, a film loaded with love for super heroes and comics in itself, hits Disney+ on Friday.