Freaky Director Doubts We'll Get a Sequel

Filmmaker Christopher Landon has been making it loud and clear since the release of Happy Death Day 2U that he hoped to deliver a third film in the series, but when it comes to his latest film, last year's Freaky, it wasn't conceived as a long-running franchise and he doubts that he would develop another film to continue its adventures. He isn't, however, ruling out the possibility that the two different series could crossover at some point in the future, but clarified that that nature of Freaky wasn't meant to establish a long-form narrative, unlike what he explored in the Happy Death Day films.

"In terms of a sequel to Freaky, you know, I don't think it's ever gonna happen, because I honestly don't know if the studio has an appetite for a sequel," Landon confirmed with ComingSoon. "I think they're quite comfortable with it being a standalone movie, and to be honest, I am too, because we didn't really have an idea for a sequel. It wasn't like, 'Oh, this has to be the continuation of this story,' whereas with the Happy Death Movies movies they kind of had a whole life after that, but you never know."

As far as a crossover is concerned, Landon confirmed, "You never know what can happen. I would love to see, you know, [Freaky's] Millie and [Happy Death Day's] Tree in a movie together. But I just don't know what that movie is."

The original Happy Death Day proved to be a surprising success among horror fans, as its concept of a college student being killed on her birthday, only to awaken to live the day's events repeatedly as she attempted to identify her killer, more than made up for the PG-13 slasher sparing the gore that fans come to expect with similar fare. That film was enough of a success to warrant the 2019 follow-up Happy Death Day 2U, yet the sequel's financial performance was too underwhelming to warrant a third film.

As far as ever getting a third film in that series, Landon noted that star Jessica Rothe is just as passionate about it as he is.

"Well, look it's funny, like the crossover thing is certainly a fun idea and I think that people are very into this sort of shared universe concept," the filmmaker confirmed. "But, I really, first and foremost, had wanted and continue to want to make a third movie in the Happy Death Day franchise just because I wrote an idea. I didn't write the whole script, I'm not that crazy. But I had outlined a third movie because I really knew what I wanted it to be and it was sort of the conclusion to it. It was a trilogy for me, so it's a bummer that I haven't had the opportunity yet to make that movie and I know that Jessica Rothe really wants to do it."

Freaky is out now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray and DVD on February 9th.


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