Greenland Stars Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin Discuss Their Emotionally Driven Apocalypse

Over the course of both of their careers, Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin have confronted a [...]

Over the course of both of their careers, Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin have confronted a number of threats of immense scope, though none of those compare to the upcoming film Greenland, as the entire globe faces complete annihilation due to an incoming comet on a collision course with Earth. The comet isn't the only threat they face, as their journey towards salvation results in a number of complications, but whatever fate they might face, their connection as a family remains the heart of the entire journey. Both Baccarin and Butler recently opened up about the new film, which hits Premium VOD on December 18th.

Dating back to 300, audiences have grown accustomed to seeing Butler's physical prowess on full display, with the actor pointing out it was an active choice to play a more layered, emotionally complex figure.

"Actually, just before Greenland came along, it was kind of manifesting, 'cause I'd said to my agent and manager, I liked the idea of ... I love a large movie with spectacle and scope, but where I got a chance to play, not so much the action hero, but with a bit more Tom Hanks in there, a bit more humanity and character and complexity and suddenly the Greenland script was sitting in front of me and I went, 'Yeah, that's kinda what I'm talking about,'" Butler admitted. "It was nice to be able to play just a more regular man, a father, struggling in his marriage, but, at the end of the day, will do anything to protect his wife and his son, going on this crazy journey for survival to try and get to this safe haven and to see the journey in that way."

With 2020 providing so many real-world catastrophes on a global scale, the events of the film almost feel like unintentional practice for dealing with deadly threats. Baccarin reflected on how she brought her filming experience into the real world.

"I think these things, these qualities are in us and when these opportunities present themselves, you realize what you're made of, in a sense," Baccarin addressed of her character's resiliency. "And I think that having gone through that film, you just rise to the occasion and you do what is emotionally needed for a scene. And then, of course, when a pandemic hits, who are you gonna be, the asshole that doesn't wear a mask or the person who cares about humanity? And that's, I think, my philosophy on what people are made of. I mean, there are certainly people that don't abide by the rules and think they're better than everybody else and who would take advantage, like we have in our film. And then there are people who take these things seriously."

Greenland hits Premium VOD on December 18th.

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