Halloween Kills Unleashes Gruesome Season Of The Witch Easter Egg

Much like the Friday The 13th series, not every horror movie in the Halloween franchise starred its main slasher, with Michael Meyers taking a breather for the third installment of the series, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. While the events revolving around the terrifying mask company known as Silver Shamrock didn't return to the spotlight following the return of Haddonfield's Shape, it seems that the upcoming film in the franchise is giving a gruesome nod to the one film in the series that decided to venture outside of the sleepy town and instead spotlight a new kind of evil.

Released in 1982, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch was meant to be the first step in making the Halloween franchise more of an anthology, with certain points in the movie even showing that the bloody adventures of Michael Meyers were a movie inside of this movie. While there wasn't a slasher in this sequel film, the supernatural company known as Silver Shamrock was attempting to pull off just as many murders as the white-masked lunatic. Using masks that would have essentially killed any child or adult wearing them, the ritualistic murders were the main point of the film and it seems as if the creators behind this upcoming horror movie are paying homage to the unique entry in the series.

The latest trailer for Halloween Kills showed that Michael Meyers is cutting a bloody swath back to his family home, setting up a climactic battle with Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode, with three of his victims wearing unique masks that first made their appearance in Season of the Witch:

Halloween Kills is aiming to be more extreme than its predecessor, with the trailer already containing more death scenes than we can count as Michael cuts his way through mobs of Haddonfield citizens, firefighters, and anyone that is unfortunate enough to get in his way. While we doubt that Silver Shamrock will actually play a significant role in the upcoming sequel, it's definitely a noteworthy Easter Egg to fans of horror.


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