Halloween Kills Star on Shock Death and Returning for Halloween Ends (Exclusive)

Halloween ends early for one star when Halloween Kills kills them off ahead of the final showdown between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle). Spoiler warning for Halloween Kills, now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock. After Karen Strode (Judy Greer) rescues daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) at the Myers home where The Shape was born on Halloween night 1963, the masked Michael Myers slaughters the vigilante mob led by Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) — and gets his final victim of the night when he returns and kills Karen in the same spot where Judith Myers died decades earlier.

The shocking murder of Laurie's daughter left some questioning whether Karen survived the final scene of Halloween Kills, but Greer confirms in an exclusive interview with ComicBook that Karen is one of many kills in the middle chapter of director David Gordon Green's sequel trilogy.

"Before they sent me the script for this one, David called to tell me. He was like, 'I want to tell you before you read the script.' I was like, 'Ugh! Really?!'," Greer told ComicBook's Brandon Davis with a laugh. "But then I had, I'm not gonna lie, we did reshoot the ending of Halloween in 2018. I was still holding out hope that maybe they would change the ending or shoot two endings, but they did not. They really stuck to it (laughs)."

The Jurassic World and Marvel's Ant-Man star is "bummed" to exit Halloween before the conclusion of Green's trilogy in Halloween Ends, scheduled to begin filming in January for an October 2022 release in theaters.  

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"I gotta be honest: as a fan of the franchise, I'm happy. I think it's cool when you kill someone that people like," Greer said. "But I was just bummed because I want to work with everybody again. [Green] works with the same people on every TV show, on every movie, he keeps his crew as much as he can. So I'm like, 'I don't get to go to the party this time?'"

Co-star Kyle Richards, who will reprise her role as a 40-years-older Lindsey Wallace in Halloween Ends, told Greer how Karen might return: "There's always flashbacks!" 

"I've been pitching that! I'm like, 'You have to have me come and be, like, looming over Andi or something,'" Greer said of the Allyson actor. "He's like, 'You're funny!' I'm like, 'I'm not being funny!'"

The script, by Green and co-writers Danny McBride and Scott Teems, also culminates with Karen's death in the same bedroom where Michael murdered his older sister on Halloween night 1963. The original final scene cut from the theatrical version would have ended with Laurie learning of her daughter's death when she calls Karen's phone — only for Michael to pick up and breathe into the line, telling her what happened without speaking a single word. 

Halloween Kills is now playing in theaters and streaming only on Peacock. (If you haven't signed up for Peacock yet, you can try it out here.) Halloween Ends on October 14, 2022.

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