David Gordon Green Hints Halloween '78 Star Returns for Halloween Ends

The boogeyman is back for another round of stalking and slashing in Halloween Kills, but one would-be victim who survived Halloween night 1978 and 2018 will return when Halloween Ends in 2022Spoiler warning for Halloween Kills, the new movie now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock40 years after masked killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) terrorized their babysitter Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), a grown-up Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) and Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) are on the hunt for their childhood boogeyman in Halloween Kills. Along with other survivors of Michael Myers, Lindsey and Tommy join a vigilante mob on a mission: "Evil dies tonight!" 

When The Shape (James Jude Courtney and Castle) again stalks the sleepy town of Haddonfield, Illinois, Lindsey scares off young trick-or-treaters to protect them from the on-the-loose killer lurking nearby. She swings a pillowcase of bricks at Michael and only narrowly survives her second face-to-face encounter with the boogeyman, living to fight another day when she's wheeled away at the hospital where an injured Laurie is recovering

When Halloween ends with the final part of director David Gordon Green's sequel trilogy, Lindsey will be among the survivors returning for the four-years-later finale

"In the '78 film, you see that moment with her and Tommy upstairs in the hallway after their confrontation with Michel Myers, and Laurie is pleading with them to get out of the house and go get help, and she's their protector. So it was cool to be able to take that character full circle to a sequence we have on the playground where she has a very similar, protective moment with kids on a playground," Green told EW of Richards' grown-up Lindsey. "It was fun to be able to see her role reversal, her maturity as a character."

Green teased: "I'm not sure we've seen the last of Kyle Richards in our franchise."

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The Real Housewives star opened up to ComicBook about her decades later return to the franchise, saying Lindsey is "very much hunting" Michael Myers in the wake of more vicious attacks in 2018's Halloween

"We are very much hunting him and we're a lot older. It was just an incredible experience," Richards said. "You know, as a little girl [in John Carpenter's Halloween], I didn't realize the movie we were making. I was just going in, you know, remembering my lines and doing my job."

"To be here this many years later, I really have an appreciation for the film and what a phenomenon it is," added Richards, "and how much people love it. [I] just really appreciated coming back and working with this incredible crew and cast that just were...so collaborative. That was just a great experience."

Halloween Kills is now playing in theaters and streaming only on PeacockHalloween Ends releases in theaters on October 14, 2022.