Hilarious Viral Video Takes Down Blockbuster Movie Trailers

Have you ever felt like every major blockbuster movie follows the same standard formula for cutting a trailer? Loud notes in the background, dramatic covers of beloved songs, and ominous voiceovers have all become essential parts of summer tentpole trailers over the last few years, and it's honestly a little funny to think about just how similar most of them are. It's a lot like the whole "every Marvel Studios poster uses the same template" thing. Once you notice it, you can't unsee it. A YouTube user named Auralnauts took this notion and ran with it, creating a hilarious video about the creation of these exhausting trailers.

The video was initially posted online back in 2017, so it's been making the rounds for a couple of years now. But thanks to a couple of recent shares, it has become popular all over Twitter once again this week. There isn't any footage of any movies in the video, it's simply sounds with text appearing on the screen. But the decision to just include text actually enhances the comedy of the entire bit, as it points out the ridiculousness of the heavy VFX shots and quick edits.

So many movies follow the trailer blueprint laid out in this video. Marvel and DC tentpoles are some of the most popular projects that meet the criteria, though the first thing that comes to mind is the movies of Christopher Nolan. The trailer to 2010's Inception was one of the first major releases to use the repetitive loud noises in the background. Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Nolan's other films had similar trailers.

Once you watch the video about these trailers, it's going to be hard to see blockbuster trailers in the same light again. You'll likely think back to this video and chuckle at the idea of how alike they really are.

What did you think of the video? Have you noticed these similarities in blockbuster trailers? Let us know in the comments!