'Incredibles 2': Frozone Comes to Life in Exclusive Blu-ray Clip

Bringing a superhero like Frozone to life is by no means easy, but the animators and creators behind Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2 are certainly up to the task.

The smash hit sequel, which dominated the box office earlier this year, is flying home to Digital HD on October 23th, and Blu-ray on November 6th. Among the special features on the home release is a digital featurette explaining all the work that goes into creating Frozone, and you can watch it a couple of weeks early here on ComicBook.com.

Check out the entire clip in the video above!

The video begins with one of the Pixar animators talking about the adoration he's always had for Frozone, and how his love of superheroes helped him work with the character.

"As an animator, I always love getting into performances and putting myself into another character," he says. "I don't have super powers so, you know, I could pretend that I have ice shooting out of my hands. He has kind of like a swimmer's body."

During the explanation, the animator can be seen alongside the final version of Frozone in the film, performing the same actions as the character.

"Swimmers kinda look slippery, and the way their bodies are kind of looks like it's designed to go through water," director Brad Bird explains, as footage of Frozone skating on his own ice flashes across the screen. "Contrast the shape that Frozone has with Bob's body."

The animator takes over narration of the clip once again, to talk about how he was influenced by Frozone in the first Incredibles film.


"When I first saw The Incredibles I was blown away," he says. "Seeing Frozone, or just an African-American character in an animated film, it meant something to me because, getting into animation, I knew based on what I studied that there weren't a lot of African-American animators out there. Seeing myself represented in the film, I knew if there was ever a sequel to that, I wanted to be a part of it."

Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2 will be available for purchase on Digital HD October 23rd, and on Blu-ray November 2nd.