Insane 'Shrek' Theory Suggests Fiona Might Be a Cannibal

The Internet is full of crazy fan theories about various films and television shows, many of which are shared to the Reddit page, r/FanTheories, a place devoted to sharing theories about various creative works. One Reddit user, u/Froidster, shared a Shrek theory provided by their girlfriend, and it's a doozy. According to the post, they believe Fiona (voiced by Cameron Diaz) is a cannibal. While this may sound ridiculous, the provided proof might sway you to believe it's true.

"So Fiona is in that tower since shes a little girl right? Where does she get her food? Nobody can get in because of the dragon. The dragon protects her. The dragon probably feeds her. What does the dragon feed her?," they ask.

"WELL, if you watch carefully right after Fiona and Shrek are leaving the Tallest Tower (time stamp: 37:38) you can see a giant cauldron boiling and a giant cook book, open to a specific recipe: 'Knightly Treats.' The Dragon is cooking Knights and following a recipe!"

If you were thinking the dragon eats the knights while Fiona eats their horses, think again.

"It clearly shows earlier in the film when Shrek and Donkey are about to cross the rope bridge (time stamp: 30:19) that the Knight's horses are left to die on the far side of the bridge after the Dragon kills them, cooks them up, and FEEDS THEM TO FIONA."

This, of course, would make Fiona a cannibal. However, they then pointed out that "Knightly Treats" could have a double meaning. If Fiona only eats at night, it means she is doing so in Ogre form.

"What if Fiona only eats when she is in ogre form? Would it still be cannibalism? That's probably how she copes: 'I'm not a cannibal, I'm an ogre.' She only turns into an ogre at night though, so does she eat at night and sleep during the day? YES! When Shrek finds her at the tallest tower, she was in bed sleeping AND SHE IS IN HUMAN FORM BECAUSE ITS DAYTIME!"

This is definitely something for all of us to think about!

Many Shrek fans were quick to comment on the post with their own ideas about the theory.

"If anyone disagrees with this they should be banned from the sub. This is the first example of a 100% perfect theory," u/still_futile wrote.

"I've accepted this as head canon," u/Hollyfkinwood added.

What do you think about this Shrek theory? Tell us in the comments!



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