Jackass Forever's New Cast Members Talk Joining the Iconic Franchise

Jackass Forever hits theaters next week and it will see the return of longtime franchise stars Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Dave England, and Ehren McGhehey. The fourth movie will also mark the first of the series to feature a set of newcomers. Rachel Wolfson, Eric Manaka, Sean "Poopies" McInerney, Zach Holmes, and Jasper are all featured in the new film, pulling pranks and taking part in some wild new stunts. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to chat with all of the Jackass stars and asked the newcomers what it was like to join such an iconic team.

"It was the biggest, most unbelievable relief in my whole life," Manaka said of getting the call to join Jackass after appearing in Action Point alongside Knoxville and Pontius. "You know, amidst COVID, amidst everything that was happening. Amidst being three years since I've done anything such as this, doing what I'm passionate about and being myself in this was such a beautiful time. Learning so much, as I said, I've grown so much with these gents and these females all across the departments." 

"I was pretty much all in from the beginning," Holmes explained when asked if there was any added pressure to please the original stars. "But also, I felt like if I would say no to something, I would regret not trying it."

"Yeah, it was the first morning we did our test shoot," Poopies recalled when asked when the reality of being a part of Jackass hit him. "It was our first stunt and I'd never seen a production like that in my life. And I was starstruck when I first showed up and they were so cool. They just took us in with open arms and we started filming and we just all became really good friends. And I was so blessed and honored to work with my idols. So it was definitely like a dream."

We asked Wolfson about becoming the first woman to join the Jackass crew, and if there was any pressure when joining the notorious boys club or any special ground rules that were established. 

"I mean there wasn't any discussions about ground rules, I knew what I was getting myself into before I stepped on set the first day. I did feel the pressure, not necessarily because I was a woman, but because I was a potential new cast member, and it really is such an honor to be a part of it," she explained. 

As for Jasper, the newcomer's dad, Dark Shark, plays a big role in Jackass Forever, and he explained how his dad got involved. 

"It all started back in the day with Loiter Squad, the show that me and my friends had. And one day Sean [Cilver] and Jeff [Treamine] met my dad, and they loved him. So they brought him on that show and then the show we did after, and it was only right for him to make some appearance in Jackass. So it worked out really good. Him and Johnny Knoxville are best friends. They be DM-ing each other all day," Jasper shared.

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Jackass Forever hits theaters on February 4th.