Kevin Smith Celebrates End of 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot's First Week of Production With Brian O'Halloran

It has been nearly 18 years since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was released in theaters, bringing the fan favorite Kevin Smith characters to the forefront after introducing them in Clerks back in 1994 and having them appear in various films such as Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dogma.

Back in 2017, in was announced that the characters would be getting their own movie once again with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which will be released this year. Now, the movie is in production and Smith has revealed that they’ve already completed the first week of filming.

“We’re not even supposed to be here today! It’s the end of Week 1 on #JayAndSilentBobReboot! Many thanks to my cast and #NewOrleans crew for a killer start to the show! And special thanks to @BrianCOHalloran for being there for all 26 years of my cinematic Jersey journey!,” Smith wrote.

As you can see, Brian O’Halloran, who starred as Dante Hicks in Clerks and appeared in various other Smith films, is on set. Smith even gives a nod to his famous, repeated line in Clerks: “I’m not even supposed to be here today.” However, the best part is that they appear to be back at the infamous Quick Stop where it all began. In Clerks II, the characters rebuilt the store, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be getting a good glimpse during the new movie.

Jason Mewes (Jay) and O’Halloran aren’t the only Smith staples to be returning for the new movie. Fans are also expecting to see Jason Lee return as his Mallrats character, Brodie. Smith recently teased an image from Brodie’s Secret Stash, the character’s comic book shop, and Lee is now officially listed on the IMDB cast list.

Brodie’s Secret Stash is a location that was created in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back when lots of Smith’s fan favorite characters returned for minor cameos. Lee came back as Brodie as well as Banky, his character from Chasing Amy. It’s unclear if Lee will be pulling double duty again, but we’re definitely excited to see Brodie.

Smith recently revealed that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot would be coming sometime this fall, saying that the filming process is a “quick turnaround.” If he’s done with the first week, it means he’s making great progress, especially since he previously said he’s working on a 21 day shooting schedule.

“It’s weird. This is 25 years, well really technically 26 years since we shot Clerks, but 25 years since the world saw Clerks. So 25 years since the debut of Clerks,” Smith explained.

“When we shot that movie, we shot it in 21 days,” he added. “Uh, this movie costs vastly more than that movie cost and the schedule for this movie is 21 days.”

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