The Marvel Cinematic Universe Returns Next Week

Now that the calendar reads January, the debut of WandaVision is just days away. In fact, the release date for the upcoming Disney+ series falls on January 15th, meaning the Marvel Cinematic Universe officially returns with new content next week. Due to the various delays associated with the ongoing global pandemic, anything produced by Marvel Studios was pushed out of 2020 and into the years beyond. By the time WandaVision premieres on Disney+, it will have been 18 months since the last MCU property was released.

At last, new content from the House of Ideas will be available for the masses to consume in the coming weeks, and it's launching one of the most ambitious efforts Kevin Feige and his team at Marvel Studios has ever dreamt up. When WandaVision finally debuts, it features the first time Feige and company produced their own television show without the need to work with other Disney divisions or executives. With quite the generous mindset, there's at least one potential setup where this week could be one of the only weeks out of the year with zero new content from Marvel Studios, either in theaters or on Disney+.

It will allow for a seamless connective tissue between Marvel film and television for the first time ever, something Feige himself has pridefully mentioned before.

"We've already started shooting two of them, and they're very, very special," Feige said in 2019 at CCXP. "And will all, for the first time, interlink. So the MCU will be on your TV screen at home on Disney+, and interconnect with the movies, and then go back and forth. It's exciting to expand the MCU to even bigger and better heights."

Outside of Disney+, the studio's film slate is also unlike anything it has done before. Though Black Widow is still on tap for a May release, the remaining features scheduled largely feature characters we've yet to see. Outside of the Scarlett Johansson-starring spy thriller, this years other films include Shangi-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and The Eternals.


And it all starts next week.

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