Former Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Gives Tearful Awards Acceptance Speech

The Kang actor wins Hollywood Unlocked's Perseverance Award.

Jonathan Majors delivered a tearful acceptance speech this week at the Hollywood Unlocked's Impact Awards. The former Marvel star took home the "Perseverance Award." Social media was very surprised to hear that Majors managed to win an award so soon after his Domestic Violence conviction. Still, the Kang the Conqueror actor walked the red carpet with Megan Good and seemed to be emotional to be welcomed in. He's set to star in Merciless from Martin Villeneuve, and that films next year. Here's what Majors had to say in front of the crowd. (Credit to Variety for the transcription.)

"Perseverance means what?" the former Marvel star pondered. "Perseverance means persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay. And the God I serve has put me in a position where I've had to embody that word more than I wished or wanted. We live in a world where men, Black men in particular, are propped up as either superheroes or supervillains. But I've come to realize, me, personally, I ain't none of that. … I'm just that guy whose faith has been tested. It has been strengthened by this testimony."


Jonathan Majors looks towards the future.

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"There will be moments in your life where things get dark, and I mean really dark. … I've seen that darkness in myself," Majors added. "I've sat in that pitch black and what I've learned is that when you catch a glimpse of light, you run as hard and as fast as you can towards it. And I will never take that light for granted again."

"Perseverance is more than just pushing through tough times," he continued. "It's about the people who inspire you, encourage you and support us. Those who ignite that flame, that light, that's central within us that keep us going when we feel we can't. I receive this award not just as an acknowledgement that I have persevered, but as a command to be there for others and to help them when and if their trials come."

Majors Reflects On His Legal Troubles


Jonathan Majors outside the courthouse.

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His case with Grace Jabbari attracted a lot of media attention. Majors talked to ABC News about the conviction after it happened. He told Good Morning America that he's never been abusive and contends that he was innocent of hitting Jabbari.

"I've witnessed [assault] but never participated. I've been smacked up before never exercised it," Majors said. "Those relationships went back to when I was 21, 22 years old and I just think, 'Was I a jerk? Was I a mean guy?' Knowing what I know now, severe depression, childhood trauma. I've had very few relationships, so I can gather what situations we're talking about. I was not the best boyfriend all the time. [I've] never hit a woman. I've never put my hands, struck a woman, ever."

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