This 'Masters of the Universe' Skeletor Elevator Ad Will Make Your Day

The Masters of the Universe franchise has affected fans in a wide array of ways -- including in a pretty amusing advertisement.

Twitter user Matt Lee recently discovered that he could put an advertisement on the elevator screen of his work's office. Matt used this opportunity to create a pretty unique mashup, with Masters of the Universe's Skeletor standing alongside lyrics from the They Might Be Giants song "Don't Let's Start." You can check it out below.

The advertisement has since gone viral, even being retweeted by They Might Be Giants' official Twitter account. And for those who would like to check out the advertisement in person, Lee revealed when and where (in a general sense) it will be running.

Oddly enough, this isn't the only unique advertising campaign that Skeletor and his MOTU cohorts have been part of. A viral commercial for Britain's SuperMoneyMarket saw Skeletor and He-Man putting aside their differences to recreate a musical number from Dirty Dancing, with hilarious results.

While Masters of the Universe has become a sort of cult hit over the years, there's a chance that it will soon find a much larger audience. After years of being in development, it looks like Sony could be moving forward with its live-action Masters of the Universe film. David Goyer, who is set to direct the film, recently shared a first look at concept art of Teela in battle armor.


A reboot of Masters of the Universe has been in the making since at least 2007. The project has been trapped in development hell on several occasions. In 2016, McG was attached to direct the film but had left the project by mid-2017. While it's unknown if the new Goyer-led project will meet its official 2019 release date, fans will just have to wait and see what happens next.