Disney-Pixar Director Rob Gibbs Passes Away

Long-time Pixar director and storyboard artist Rob Gibbs has died. Details surrounding the creative's death remain mum, with news of his passing first surfacing through the social media account of his colleagues. A 22-year veteran of the animation industry, Gibbs was working on Monsters at Work for Disney+, a spinoff of the Peter Docter-created Monsters, Inc. franchise. The series features the entire voice cast of the original films and was expected to hit the streaming service Spring 2021.

Prior to his work on Monsters at Work, which he was co-directing with Kat Good, Gibbs earned credits on the Tokyo Mater and Mater short films, plus work on Mater's Tall Tales.


Gibbs daughter Mary voiced Boo in Monsters, Inc, she also voiced Sha-Ron in Mulan II.

His career in the animation world began with Disney as he worked on animated features like Pocahontas and Fantastia 2000. After switching over to Pixar, the creative earned credits as a story artist on Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 2, and Up! amongst others.