Disney+ Subscribers In France To Get Mulan At No Extra Cost

While Mulan will available in the U.S. for Disney+ subscribers at a price point of $29.99, the film will be debuting at different prices internationally. As the price points are being determined and revealed, Disney has now revealed Mulan will be available for no extra charge for Disney+ subscribers in France. However, while the film will be available in the U.S. on September 4, the film will be released at a later date in the French market. Other territories are still to be revealed and it is unclear how the film will be made accessible in locations which do not yet have the Disney+ streaming service.

In the United Kingdom, Mulan is rolling out at a price point of £19.99. This converts to about $26. In other European territories, Mulan will be priced at €21.99. New Zealand will have the film for NZ$39.99 which converts to a few cents more than $26. Australia will get Mulan for AUS$39.99, which converts to just more than $25. It's all in line with what Disney CEO Bob Chapek said on an August 4 earnings calls, when he revealed Mulan's "price point will be $29.99 in the U.S. and will vary slightly in other countries." This roughly $26 price point seems to be the mark for most markets.

According to Chapek on that earnings call, Mulan will be available in theaters in select markets with widely opened theaters. No specific areas were named during the call, but markets like Japan have reopened their theaters in stages within the last month or so.

Chapek explained the "Premier Access" release of new films for Disney+ subscribers if a one time effort for the time being. The studio is gearing up to release The New Mutants in theaters on August 28 with most eyes on its next major title in the form of Black Widow which is slated for release in early November.

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(via Variety)