Disney's Live-Action Mulan Disney+ Release Date Possibly Revealed

UPDATE: ComicBook.com has confirmed that the October 27th streaming debut for Mulan is no longer accurate. A new date has yet to be announced. Below is the original story in its entirety...

Disney had to delay its live-action adaptation of Mulan this year, following the closures of theaters around the world due to COVID-19. Its original March 27th release date was shelved a couple of weeks before it arrived, and the film was pushed back to its new date on July 24th. While that date has yet to arrive, and there's still no confirmation that it will actually be able to play in theaters, it appears as though there's already a plan for its streaming debut on Disney+.

A user on Twitter tagged the Disney+ account and asked multiple times about the live-action Mulan movie, wondering when it would be available on the streaming service. These inquiries usually go without response, but the Disney+ Help Twitter account actually responded to the user, giving them a window of when Mulan's streaming debut could be expected. According to the account, Mulan should be on Disney+ on or around October 27th of this year.

"Hi Caroline, It'll be approximately available to subscribers on October 27, 2020," the reply reads. "Let us know anything you'd like to see added in the future here. Thank you for your time."

This date hasn't been officially announced on any of Disney's other channels, and it likely won't be for some time given that Mulan hasn't even hit theaters yet. That said, the Disney+ Help account is officially associated with the House of Mouse, so it's just some third party account making a guess.

It could be that the date was associated with the original theatrical release of Mulan, and it hasn't been updated since the delay. After all, this date is the 27th of the month, just like the initial March release date. If this was the streaming date based on the original March 27th theatrical debut, the upcoming July premiere would indicate that Mulan could end up on Disney+ in February 2021.


It's hard to think that a big budget movie released in theaters in July would have a full theatrical run and a complete VOD/Blu-ray window by the time October rolls around. Seeing this movie on Disney+ in October would be an incredibly quick turnaround.

Do you think Mulan will make it to its supposed streaming debut in October? Or will the July release push it back? Let us know in the comments!

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