Mulan Performance From Christina Aguilera Plays on Good Morning America

With Mulan coming to Disney+ this week, Walt Disney Studios is launching into a promotional blitz for the film -- including a visit by Christina Aguilera to Good Morning America, where she debuted her music video for "Reflection," a song she first recorded for the 1998 animated version of the same film. More than twenty years on, she's got a whole new look for the video -- both for the video itself and for herself, now more than twice the age she was when she recorded the original. You can see a clip from GMA above, and the full video for "Reflection" below.

The film was originally slated for theatrical release, but of course was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After shifting the release date a couple of times, it was eventually pulled from Disney's release slate altogether and ultimately sent to Disney+, where it will be made available as a premium rental -- albeit with a twist. Trolls: World Tour was a hugely successful premium rental, but in spite of its price tag, it more or less worked like any other digital rental, with a couple of days to watch once you started it. In the case of Mulan, it will remain in your Disney+ account indefinitely.

With an ever-changing media landscape, Disney is doing what it can to get Mulan safely in front of the masses. As the current plan stands, the House of Mouse is releasing the live-action remake of the animated classic in select theaters, wherever they're open on September 4th. Then, on the same day, Disney+ will be start carrying it as a "Premier Access" opportunity, meaning subscribers of the service can purchase it for $29.99 and stream it digitally from home.

Once purchased, the digital company will remain on a user's Disney+ account until their subscription expires — meaning once consumers purchase the Mulan Premier Access offering, they'll forever have it until they deactivate their account.

Mulan is the epic adventure of a fearless young woman who masquerades as a man in order to fight Northern Invaders attacking China. The eldest daughter of an honored warrior, Hua Mulan is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. When the Emperor issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army, she steps in to take the place of her ailing father as Hua Jun, becoming one of China's greatest warriors ever.


Mulan hits Disney+ on September 4.