Netflix Now Warning Viewers About Shows Leaving the Service

Netflix helped usher in the age of streaming content, with the company often helping push the platform forward with innovative advances, as the service has finally started to offer subscribers a helpful reminder about content leaving the service. As is the nature of streaming services and rights to movies and TV series, they often expire and are sometimes renewed, with content leaving and returning to the service throughout the course of a year. Now, if you're streaming something that could be leaving the service in the coming weeks, subscribers will be given a warning at the start of a program to let them know when the content will be expiring.

As you can see in the screenshot below, taken from the opening moments of The West Wing, viewers will be alerted to the fact that the series is leaving Netflix on December 25th. Given how often fans have voiced their complaints about binge-watching a program one day, only to discover that a series has disappeared the next day, having weeks of warning about how much time you have to catch up on a program will surely relieve subscribers.

While this new disclaimer might be helpful for some subscribers, some are hoping that this could see the platform embracing a system other streaming subscribers have offered. HBO, for example, allows subscribers to sort content not only by what has recently been added to the service, but also sorts by movies that will soon be leaving the service.

the west wing opening netflix disclaimer
(Photo: Netflix/NBC)

One drawback to Netflix helping usher in the concept of subscribing to a streaming service is that it has ignited a number of other companies to launch their own services. While Hulu and Amazon Prime Video offer movies and TV from a variety of studios and networks, Peacock, Disney+, and AMC+ have become the exclusive home for much of their content that was previously available on Netflix.

Netflix fans have been quite distressed this year, as beloved series like Friends and Parks and Recreation, which were available in their entirety on the service, left for Peacock. At the end of the year, The Office will also be leaving Netflix for Peacock, another series that viewers have long taken for granted as always being available on the service.


Stay tuned for details on future Netflix updates.

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