Netflix Preparing Massive November Lineup to Counter Disney and Apple Launches

To say that November 2019 will be a crucial month for Netflix would be an enormous understatement. The company has had a strangle on the entire streaming landscape for years and years, with services like Hulu and Amazon providing minimal competition. That will change in the coming weeks as the next chapter of the streaming race finally begins. Apple TV+ is kicking off on November 1st, and it will cost just $4.99 each month. Netflix's biggest competition arrives just 12 days later with the launch of Disney+, which boasts what is perhaps the strongest original streaming lineup to-date for just $6.99 per month, or $70 per year.

November is the start of something big in the world of streaming, as NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia also have services launching in the near future. Netflix is well aware of its pending competition and is planning one of its biggest content months in recent memory, in hopes that some major new releases will take the attention away from its rivals.

Netflix hasn't yet revealed the full list of movies and TV shows coming to the service in November, but the original slate alone is enough to turn some heads. The entire November lineup for Netflix is anchored by a couple of award-contending films and a big holiday-themed rollout, along with the return of some other popular titles.

Just take a look at a few of the titles coming to Netflix in November.


These are just a few of the titles coming to Netflix next month. The Irishman is one of the most celebrated films of the year. She-Ra and Dragon Prince have been incredibly popular animated properties for Netflix since their respective launches. Klaus, Let it Snow and The Knight Before Christmas are all highly-anticipated Holiday titles.

There's no doubt this will be one of Netflix's biggest months to-date in terms of sheer output. Whether or not users respond to that output and delay a switch to a rival remains to be seen.