'Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth' Trailer

The first trailer for filmmaker Roger Conners's Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth has been released.

Per Rising Pulse Productions and Mouse Nest Productions, "A tense visit to their family burial site quickly escalates into a fight for survival when brothers Adam and John are randomly attacked by several unknown assailants."

The cultural commentary that defines the original and differentiated it from so many horror films being made at that time get a modern twist, too, in what is arguably either the most predictable or unpredictable aspect of the trailer.

The trailer has nothing to do with filmmaker George A. Romero, but is a remake of his 1968 masterpiece: due to a copyright snafu at the time of its release, that title was never properly trademarked, and so sequels, remakes, and the like have been made more or less constantly since the film became a hit.

You can see similar stories in the interconnected universe of Night of the Living Dead spinoff comics from DoubleTake Comics.


There is no official release date yet for Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth, but you can follow it on Facebook for updates.