Justice League's Ray Fisher Shows His Support for Doom Patrol's Cyborg Actor Jovian Wade

Some fans online may want to believe there is some kind of competition or rivalry between the two actors that play live-action versions of DC's Cyborg. Just the utterance of "Boo-yah" by one of the two men is enough to have certain people online all up in arms. Well, much to the dismay of those folks up in the mentions, Ray Fisher has nothing but respect and love for Joivan Wade. Fisher played the beloved DC hero in Zack Snyder's Justice League, while Wade landed the role on the Doom Patrol TV series.

Fisher didn't exactly get a fair shake in the DCEU, considering his solo movie is nowhere to be found after his admirable turn as Cyborg in Justice League. However, that doesn't mean he holds any animosity towards Wade for playing the character on another project. On the contrary, when he saw that some were going after Wade online, Fisher came to his colleague's defense.

"Keep doin' your thing, [Joivan Wade]," Fisher wrote in the tweet. "If anybody out there has a problem with my cybernetic brother from another mother...box, do me a favor and unfollow me. If I catch you hating on him, I'm blocking you."

That respect clearly goes both ways, as Wade has also spoken out in his support and adoration of Fisher. When Wade took over the Doom Patrol Twitter account for an event last month, someone mentioned Justice League in the replies, asking if Wade was excited to see the Snyder Cut.

"Yes, I am," he said. "I'm a huge fan of [Ray Fisher] my fellow BORG & [Zack Snyder]. Can't wait to see what we have all been missing!"


Both actors playing Cyborg have been praised for their unique takes on the role, and it's clear that they enjoy seeing what the other brings to the table.

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