Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool Is Fine For Kids But Not Green Lantern

As a dad, Ryan Reynolds has firm views about which of his films is appropriate for children, and which ones are not. According to Reynolds, Deadpool is fine for kids to watch – but Green Lantern definitely isn't. Reynolds was recently interviewed by kid reports as a promotion for his new Netflix movie The Adam Project, which sees Reynolds' character have to travel back to his own past and team with his childhood self to save the future. With the kids running the show, Ryan Reynolds had to answer some hard-fire questions about Deadpool! 

When asked by one set of kids (allegedly on their parents' instruction) if a nine-year-old and six-and-a-half-year-old are both old enough to watch Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds had the following humorous answer to give: 

Oh, yeah, you're fine to watch "Deadpool." No problem... No, do not watch that [Green Lantern]. You are not old enough for that. If you're, like, the roughly late 40s, you can watch "Green Lantern." You'll be ready for it then."

Green Lantern is something that Ryan Reynolds can laugh about now, but it wasn't a laughing matter back in 2011 when Green Lantern pretty much derailed the entire DCEU franchise. Reynolds has since bounced back as the face of the Deadpool series (which is headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) – not to mention becoming a marketing mogul heading several successful ventures (Cricket Wireless, Aviation Gin, etc.), and being married to a beautiful and successful wife (Blake Lively) with a thriving family. So while the actor is obviously joking that the R-rated Deadpool is better-suited for kids than Green Lantern – but there's also a deeper painful truth beneath the statement, as well. 


Ryan Reynolds will likely be explaining away Green Lantern (and jokes, anecdotes, or therapy sessions) until the end of his days. Years ago he even explained that it was the lack of a strong story that ultimately left the production scrambling just to get the film in the can: 

"[On Green Lantern] we did not have a working script until we were halfway through shooting. That is a handicap, there's nothing you can do about that. And that's just the nature of this business oftentimes, it's a poster and release date first, start shooting and we'll figure out the rest as we go. And it's just, it's insane. It's hard for everyone. Everyone that worked on that movie gave their last drop of blood."

Green Lantern was dominating Netflix last fall, for some reason. 

Source: Yahoo!