Scream Star Jamie Kennedy's New Stand-Up Special Gets a Trailer Ahead of His 50th Birthday

With his 50th birthday coming up, Scream star Jamie Kennedy is releasing a new stand-up special, Stoopid Smart, which will drop on the free video platform Tubi TV on Monday. You can see the trailer for the special below. Kennedy, who has also had parts in the Tremors franchise and in Kevin Smith's Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, will be among the various comedians and musical acts who have tried to bring the feeling of a live performance back to fans amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in quarantines and limitations on group meetings all over the world this year.

The special, which also looks to have some behind-the-scenes aspects to it beyond the on-stage act itself, will feature Kennedy, among other things, poking fun at himself. The trailer begins with Kennedy joking that he used to have his own TV show (The Jamie Kennedy Experiment) but that tonight, he's playing "the back of a bowling alley in Huntingon Beach."

After its free-with-ads debut on Tubi next week, Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart will also be available to rent or buy ad-free on Amazon, iTunes and other digital platforms in June. To coincide with his birthday and the special's release on Tubi, Kennedy will take part in a CYA livestream, which costs $4.99 for fans to join.

Here's the official description of the special, which comes from Dark Star Pictures -- the same studio behind the recent time-travel rom-com Same Boat, for which we recently spoke to filmmaker Chris Roberti.

"Loved by audiences for his ‘90s classics Kickin’ It Old School and Malibu’s Most Wanted, Jamie Kennedy takes center stage in this one-hour installment directed by Kurt Kubicek. Stoopid Smart features Kennedy’s hilarious jokes about life as an unmarried man, being recognized in an Olive Garden, Alexander Graham Bell’s thoughts on sexting, and America’s most bizarre college majors. The comedy special was filmed in Orange County’s REC ROOM when Kennedy embarked on a nationwide headlining stand-up tour."


Recently, Hollywood has been buzzing about a fifth Scream movie, and Kennedy no doubt has some ideas for it. Last year, he signed onto a fan theory that recontextualized his character Randy Meeks (the horror movie obsessive in the original) as the true mastermind behind the original killing spree, and bringing the character back, revealing that he faked his death (presumably becuase it would make for a really good movie if he disappeared for a while and then came back).

Jamie Kennedy: Stoopid Smart will debut on Tubi TV Monday.

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