Secret Headquarters Turned Loki's Owen Wilson Into a Super Hero

Owen Wilson joined the world of super heroes with Marvel's Loki series for a debut in 2021 and he is currently in production on the the show's second season. Before going back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as his Mobius M. Mobius, Wilson became a full-on super hero for Paramount+'s Secret Headquarters film. While much of the film sees the younger cast members becoming heroes themselves, it is Wilson who plays The Guard. The Guard is the father to Walker Scobell's Jack and he certainly has a bit of an Iron Man groove going on when it comes to his super heroic technology and suit.

"I was excited that I was gonna have a superhero costume," Wilson told of becoming The Guard. "We did all these fittings and preparation and I really feel like those guys that designed that suit did a good job." The suit emulates classic super hero looks and sends Wilson's Jack (the real name of The Guard) soaring through the air and ready for battle at any moment, being powered by an alien artifact.

It wasn't during any particular fitting or moment on set when Wilson got the most important seal of approval for his super hero suit as The Guard. "I know that when I got messages from both my brothers looking at the billboard for the movie and they were saying it looks pretty cool that it was like, okay, you know if I can pass muster with them, that's saying something," Wilson recalled. Secret Headquarters directors Rel Schulman and Henry Joost were sat beside Wilson (as seen in the interview video above), happy to hear The Guard was, "Wilson Bro. approved," as Joost put it.

While the creatives behind the film do share love of super heroes in mainstream media known well from Marvel and DC Comics worlds, they ultimately set out to tell a story where the characters and their relationships came first and Wilson's super hero suit was the icing on that cake. "We love, love Iron Man," Schulman said. "I think the guiding light for us was, it's about the the child of a superhero and we love the Marvel universe love DC and they do that stuff really well. What makes our movie different is that it's about the emotionality of your father being so busy saving the world when you just want him to save your family."

What do you think of Owen Wilson playing a super hero? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter. Secret Headquarters is now available on Paramount+.