Star Wars Fan Proclaims His Love of The Last Jedi at City Council Meeting

Star Wars fans profess their love for their favorite installments in the series in a number of [...]

Star Wars fans profess their love for their favorite installments in the series in a number of ways, with one fan being so committed to supporting the accomplishments of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he made sure to conclude comments he was making to city council about mask mandates by professing that the Rian Johnson film was the best Star Wars movie. As a clip of the comments started to go viral, Johnson himself caught the footage, as he would go on to share the video while also jokingly pointing out how important it was to get involved in politics at a local level.

"Presidential elections are important, but we're all becoming aware that for real progress to happen it's so important to engage and get involved at the local level," Johnson shared on Twitter along with the video.

These weren't the only pop culture references made in comments to the Sioux Falls, South Dakota city council, as the individual also made reference to and briefly quoted The Rock, which starred Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.

The Star Wars fandom is full of passionate audiences, with The Last Jedi being a major point of contention among its most devout members. Regardless of whether you agree with these sentiments or not, it's at least promising to see someone going to these lengths to make sure there are official political documents that include the show of support for the galaxy far, far away.

For as many supporters as there are of the film, there are also a number of detractors, which includes those who personally attack Johnson regularly on social media. Following a recent incident of a fan attacking the filmmaker in response to a tweet that had nothing to do with Star Wars, Yoda performer Frank Oz came to the film's defense.

"It's sad to me that you've harbored this internal darkness for so long about a movie," Oz shared on Twitter. "Rian is a great director, writer, & human being. Please try to understand that writers & directors are not there to fulfill the audience's expectations. Good work breaks expectations."

Johnson was previously announced to be developing his own trilogy of Star Wars films, though there have been no updates on when those films could be moving forward.