Henry Cavill Admits He Felt Pressure to Comment on Superman Rumors

Henry Cavill had to admit that he felt pressure to comment on all of the Superman rumors floating around. Reports surfaced of the actor being in talks to don the cape and tights again, and the speculation machine ratcheted up. However, Cavill had to throw some water on all the fiery theories that had begun to sweep social media. Nothing is imminent according to the star, and when he reads some of the written content out there, it's frustrating for him. He told Variety's Big Ticket podcast about being tempted to comment on the rumors using an alias. He's been clear about his intent for a while now, but Cavill still feels like clearing the air is the best option right now. While fans may be looking forward to a cameo appearance of some sort, he'd like everyone to hold their horses before they start talking about him appearing in The Flash or The Suicide Squad.

I'm not going to lie; I've been very tempted, but there's something about that, that feels deeply immoral. When it's about Superman, and if I'm representing Superman, it just feels like the wrong thing to do. I'm just going to let this all play out. Me saying something isn't going to make a difference. What does it really matter? One day, people will know the truth, and if they don't know it now, it's okay.

Cavill previously addressed those rumors. The Superman actor has been candid about his desire to keep playing the Man of Steel for however long he's able.

"[The rumors] get wilder and wilder by the day. The amount of speculation, the stuff I read on the Internet, is extraordinary and sometimes frustrating. It's when you see people stating stuff as fact," Cavill explained. "Like, 'No, that's not the case. That hasn't happened, and that conversation isn't happening.' But the important thing is that people are excited about it, and I think it's important to be excited about a character like Superman. Superman is a fantastic character. If people are chatting about it, and even if they're making stuff up, it's okay, because that means they want to see the character again. And in an ideal world, I would absolutely love to play the character again."

So, it sounds like patience will be key here. On the bright side for DC Comics fans, they've gotten plenty of content to hold them over during this summer.


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