The Batman: First Look At Batcave Revealed In New Set Photos

The Batman has revealed a first look at its version of The Batcave in new set photos. We got a taste of the kind of base of operations that Robert Pattinson's Batman/Bruce Wayne will have during the first trailer for The Batman, but this is a much more extensive look. The photos come from a gallery by Daily Mail UK, which shows the massive new UK lot sets that are being built by director Matt Reeves and his crew, for The Batman's continuing shoot. One set of images shows the intricate detail that's going into making the new version of The Batcave!

The photos only capture the exterior of The Batman's version of The Batcave, but they are still an impressive testament to what Matt Reeves is doing with his vision of Batman's world. The filmmakers have constructed an entire massive set that looks like a cliffside that's topped with trees. The cliff has a sheer rock face that drops down to a body of water below (a small pool in the actual set piece); beneath the overhang of the rock is a wide opening that presumably leads into the Batcave. A small beach path of rocks and soot lines the cave opening, presumably providing access on foot.

While most of us expect some kind of intricate set piece for the interior of the Batcave, it's interesting to see the scope of the construction and the level of detail being put into the exterior of the cave. There's enough room for Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne to be shot taking a long walk through the woods and along the cliffside - and given the effort being put into this set, it's hard to imagine a sequence like that not appearing in Reeves' film.

The Batman will examine how Bruce Wayne is faring as Batman, two years into his career as a crimefighter. Reeves' version of The Dark Knight will still be using mostly DIY methods to create his costume, gadgets, and vehicles - and based on the workshop we see in the trailer, he does not yet have the resources of the fully completed and operational Batcave. A great epilogue to the film would be seeing Bruce actually settle into Wayne Manor, and map out a plan for the Batcave he will build.


The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.