The Best Black Friday Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray Deals are Dirt Cheap


Streaming services may be the thing these days, but Blu-ray (especially 4K UHD) does have some advantages: you don't have to rely on streaming quality for picture and sound, you don't have to worry about Netflix dropping your favorite content, and many of the discs include a digital copy. Blu-ray is also a prime target for Black Friday deals, and there's a big one happening this year.

Indeed, you can grab hundreds of the biggest movies of the year for as low as $5.99. Some of the best films in 4K UHD can be had for $12.99 or less. You can find all of these deals here at Best Buy (with free shipping), and we've highlighted some of the gems below.


The list above is only a handful of the Black Friday Blu-ray deals that are available, so head on over to Best Buy to shop them all. You can also find many of the same deals here on Amazon, though Best Buy appears to have more of the titles in stock and they're easier to shop.

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