The Boys and X-Men Star Shawn Ashmore Reveals Who Would Win Between Iceman and Lamplighter

Shawn Ashmore has been in his fair share of comic book franchises. The actor rose to prominence as Iceman in 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise and earlier this year, he had a big role in Netflix's Locke & Key adaptation. His latest comic book role, however, comes in the for of The Lamplighter, a fire-based "supe" in Amazon's The Boys. Naturally, fans were quick to ask the question — who would win in a fight between Iceman and Lamplighter? Ashmore certain has some thoughts.

Light spoilers up ahead for "The Bloody Doors Off," the sixth episode in the second season of The Boys. Proceed with caution should you want to go into the episode completely spoiler-free.

According to Ashmore, it's essentially a toss-up between his two roles, though he does think his X-Men counterpart holds a slight advantage.

“Look, honestly, I think that Iceman would win,” Ashmore said in a recent chat with TheWrap. “I think that he would. But I’ll say this, I think Lamplighter would fight dirtier. So maybe that gives Lamplighter the edge, I’m not sure. Just sheer abilities and powers though, I think that Iceman would win. But maybe Lamplighter would be sneaky and maybe win.”

Lamplighter, of course, has fire-based powers while Iceman...well, you know the deal. Mentioned in the first season as a former member of Vought's The Seven, The Lamplighter ended up leaving the group before the season, allowing Starlight (Erin Moriarty) to join the group.

In this episode, we see exactly what he's been up to — he's serving as a steward of a Vought-run aslyum. It's here Stormfront (Aya Cash) and Vought inject its inhabitants with Compound V, hoping to grow the powered population even more. Throughout the course of the episode, viewers are treated to dozens of new supes, including the bizarre (and all too comic-accurate) Love Sausage.


The first six episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon Prime while X-Men can be seen on Disney+.

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