The Flash New Costume First Look Revealed in DC FanDome Teaser

Ezra Miller's New Flash Costume Has Been Officially Revealed

The Flash movie has revealed an official first look at Ezra Miller's new Flash costume. The newest Flash suit was revealed during the film's panel at DC FanDome 2021, along with first look teases of Michael Keaton back in the Batman suit, and some of the alternate timeline madness that will bring Miller's Barry Allen/Flash allies like Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and even alternate versions of... himself. In that sense, fans better study this new Flash costume closely, as it could turn out to be key to keeping track of which Flash is which, during the film: 

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The new Flash costume is something that Flash movie director Andy Muschietti has been teasing for months now - so it's not actually the first time we've seen the design concept. It's just the first time we've gotten to see the new Flash costume in motion (pun). That's always an important distinction, as you never can know how a costume concept will work onscreen until you actually see the actor up and around in it. 

So far, the new Flash costume design looks like the sort of change that a lot of DC fans were looking after Batman v Superman and Justice League. Miller's Flash suit in the "Snyderverse" was often criticized for its bulky design, which leaned on the "realism" of using polymer materials that space shuttles did (for heat and friction resistance, etc.). However, the suit Muschietti and co. are going with looks a lot more like the leaner tights look from the comics; the golden "wiring" design running through the suit (another pun) is a new take that fans should easily be able to get behind, as it makes sense logistically (and should look pretty awesome visually) with Flash's Speed Force lightning powers. 

Of course, the same Flash teaser at DC FanDome has already dropped major reveals that this will be but ONE Flash costume we get in the film. The footage of The Flash clearly showed an alternate universe version of Barry Allen's Flash (also Miller) joining forces with Supergirl and the "Prime" Flash we know and love. 

In fact, Flash star Michael Keaton already let one cat out of the bag, when talking about the different versions of Flash we'll see in the movie: 

"I mean just did The Flash and there's a similarity in how - I don't want to give too much away - but how he has to play against himself and with himself," Keaton said while appearing on Jake's Takes. "And we were talking about the difficulty of making multiplicity and the challenge."

The Flash hits theaters on November 4, 2022.