The Flash Actor Is Ready for a Role in the New DC Movie Universe

DC's TV Universe got a big headstart on Marvel, when the Arrowverse launched in the 2010s. What started as a ground vigilante story in Arrow (2012) quickly grew into an entire DC TV Universe, with The Flash (2014) opening a lot of doors to the comic book heavy concepts and characters. Well, flash-forward (pun) to 2020, and DC has a new DC streaming franchise (Titans, Doom Patrol, the upcoming Green Lantern) has growing alongside the Arrowverse, while DC Snyderverse films Zack Snyder was working in the 2010s are done, with a new DC movie Universe taking shape. And one Arrowverse actor is ready to make the jump to the new age of DC films!

Robbie Amell played Ronnie Raymond / Firestar in early seasons of The Flash TV series. Amell recently sat down with ComicBook Nation podcast to talk about his hit Netflix movie (and upcoming Quibiseries) Code 8. When asked about where Amell could see himself taking on more work in the DC franchise (since his Arrowverse character is now dead), the actor had a destination in mind: anywhere in the rebooted DC movie franchise:

"I mean... they're doing a Green Lantern show on HBO Max that sounds really cool," Amell told ComicBook Nation (referring to HBO Max's Green Lantern TV series). "You know, there, it feels like they're going to reboot the DC film universe because I don't know, rumor has it Henry Cavill is done and who knows what's going to happen with Flash. Like, you know, it's one of those things where, so many things are up in the air especially with this pandemic, you don't know when things are going to go back to filming. So, you know, I don't know, I'm just keeping my ears and my eyes open for something."

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There are quite a few great places for Robbie Amell to re-emerge in the new DC Movie franchise. The actor definitely has the chiseled look of a comic book hero (or villain), plus the geek-cred from his time in The Flash, The Tomorrow People and the Code 8 franchise he's building with cousin (and Arrow star) Stephen Amell. And unlike Stephen, Robbie's role as Firestorm was minor enough that fans new and old would have no problem watching him.

DC has learned a lot from the Arrowverse / Snyderverse era. Warner Bros. and DC have gone back to the drawing board, taking film franchise one at a time and worrying less about connective universe ties. The studio has also started using the DC Imprint for very bold and different projects like Todd Phillips' Joker, which ended up being the most profitable comic book movie of all time (and a two-time Oscar winner). With so much variety to offer, sky is the limit for casting possibilities.


Where would you like to see Robbie Amell in the DC Movie universe?

Code 8 is streaming on Netflix; Robbie Amell's new series Upload is also streaming on Amazon.