The Road Star Shares His Thoughts on Film's Ambiguous Ending

In his latest film 2067, actor Kodi Smit-Mcphee faces the end of all mankind and he stands alone as a figure who could potentially unlock the key to humanity's salvation, but the actor is no stranger to apocalyptic scenarios, having starred in the 2009 adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. In that film's conclusion, his character is seemingly left alone on a beach when a family approaches him and offers him assistance, but the violent nature of such a world leaves audiences to wonder if this family will be his salvation or his demise, with the actor recently confirming that he thinks the ending of the film is a hopeful one.

"I like to take the route that it was hopeful. I like to take the belief that that was a family that was following him and his father the whole time," Smit-McPhee shared with "And they ultimately knew the fate of his demise, that his father would maybe one day get sick and this kid would be left in a world of apocalypse. But yeah, I like to take the hopeful side, but I've literally spoken to Cormac McCarthy and I've asked him what does he think. And obviously the director, as well. And he's said it's up to you. So it is what it is."

It's a credit to the success not only of the novel, but also of the film, that all these years after release, fans can still have differing opinions about the finale based on how they interpreted subtle and ambiguous plot points.

In his latest film, by the year 2067, Earth has been ravaged by climate change and humanity is forced to live on artificial oxygen. An illness caused by the synthetic O2 is killing the worlds’ population and the only hope for a cure comes in the form of a message from the future: “Send Ethan Whyte”. Ethan (McPhee), an underground tunnel worker, is suddenly thrust into a terrifying new world full of unknown danger as he must fight to save the human race.

As far as why both he and audiences are so enthralled with tales of the apocalypse, the actor detailed how he believes it serves as an ultimate fear among audiences.

"A lot of it comes from when the end of the world will come," the actor detailed of apocalyptic appeal. "But, selfishly, I think a lot of the time we don't think it will be in our existence. Which I think is why we find ourselves in the place where we are today, which is moving closer to 2067. So hopefully we can take 2067 as somewhat of a, yes it's entertainment, but it is a cautionary tale and even more so, as you said, now, it's reflecting nature more than ever. Everyone that worked on the film, the director Seth [Larney], [co-star] Ryan [Kwanten] I've connected with recently, we're just in shock at how much the world has come to revolve around this story."


2067 is now available in select theaters, On Demand, and on Digital HD.

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