Titans Star Brenton Thwaites on Acting Opposite Alan Ritchson in Ghosts of War

Before they acted together on Titans, Brenton Thwaites and Alan Ritchson were in a pair of smaller [...]

Before they acted together on Titans, Brenton Thwaites and Alan Ritchson were in a pair of smaller projects together, one of which was the indie thriller Ghosts of War. Becuase of the slow gestation period that can come with independent films that generate a lot of their buzz on the convention circuit, the film was just released -- after the pair had done two seasons of the DC Universe superhero drama together. During an interview with ComicBook.com, Thwaites praised Ritchson's performance in Ghosts of War, as well as the "continuity" of getting to build a rapport and a chemistry with another actor from project to project.

That's common in TV, of course, but less so with feature film. And it may have played a role in how well the pair bounced off each other right away when it came time to butt heads on Titans.

"I had met Alan in a movie that we shot a year before this called Office Uprising," Thwaites told ComicBook.com. "And that was a horror comedy that we did down in Alabama. And I asked him to come in to play this supporting character, and he literally just flew in a week later after shooting in South Africa for six months or something crazy, and shot this amazing comedic piece for us and then flew out the next day. So I was kind of always amazed at his professionalism and willingness to help us out. That is, of course, after the fact of me being a massive Alan Ritchson fan. I think he's just such a great actor and his comedic capabilities are unmatched, honestly. There's no one as funny as Alan in that kind of shape, in that kind of human shape. But yeah, so we shot this in between, so I got him on Office Uprising and then we went to shoot Ghosts of War, and then I did this shot in 2017. And then later, we shot Titans. So it was obviously good to have that continuity in working with an actor, which it's so rare to have because of schedule and different movies and whatever."

In Ghosts of War, Thwaites plays the commander of a unit of American solderis during World War II who have to watch over a French chateau that has been captured from German hands. What they think is going to be a cushy job turns out to be more like a haunted house -- with some deeply personal ghosts behind it.

You can see Titans on DC Universe. You can get Ghosts of War on video on demand platforms like Apple+,Vudu, and Amazon Prime.