'Tomb Raider' Reveals New Story of How Lara Croft Gets Her Guns

The Tomb Raider movie reboot is now leaping into theaters, bringing the character of Lara Croft [...]

The Tomb Raider movie reboot is now leaping into theaters, bringing the character of Lara Croft back to the silver screen. Our official Tomb Raider review breaks down all the details that make this film worth seeing (or not), but there is one moment that fans may want to hear about, going in:

The Lara Croft character is world famous for (among other attributes) wielding two signature pistols as her primary weapons. However, since this reboot film is really an origin story of how Lara first gets into raiding tombs, there's been one big question hanging over it: how does our girl get her guns?

Warning! Tomb Raider spoilers follow!


The short answer to this question is simple: This Tomb Raider reboot doesn't feature Lara's iconic two-pistol shooting style, but instead saves the iconic guns for a fun little mid-credits scene. If you want to know more about that scene (and Tomb Raider's ending), then read on below! Otherwise, some MAJOR SPOILERS follow!

Tomb Raider Post Credit Scene Lara Croft Guns

Tomb Raider's ending sees Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) escape the island of Yamati alive. When she gets back to England, the discoveries of her father's quest and legacy move Lara to finally sign his death certificate and inherit the family fortune. However, when Lara visits her father's secret bunker, she makes an ominous discovery: Trinity, the organization that hunted her father, has an agent working in the Croft Holdings company: Lara's longtime family friend and maternal figure, Ana Miller (Kristin Scott Thomas). It's that discovery which pushes Lara to finally take up her father's legacy, and her true calling: being a tomb raider.

In the bonus scene that plays before the credits, we see Lara return to the local pawn shop to retrieve an emerald pendant heirloom she sold off, to fund her expedition to find her father. With the Croft family fortune now at her disposal, Lara is able to easily afford buyback. Before she leaves the shop, her eye catches something: a beautiful silver pistol. After getting the full specs on the gun, Lara decides to buy it - two of them, in fact. Thus completes Lara's Tomb Raider origin.

Tomb Raider opens in theaters on March 16th. It is 1 hour 58 mins long, and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and for some language. Let us know what you thought about the film in the comments!